• 2D to 3D Design Conversion

    Precision & Detail


    We provide fast and professional 2D to 3D conversions either from detailed drawings or sketches on a napkin, we can provide high quality 3D Models in multiple formats to suit your needs.


    • Sheet metal parts
    • Steel frame constructions
    • 3D print parts
  • Redesign for 3D printing

  • Redesign for 3Dprinting

    Low weight, high performance.

    In order to reap the maximum benefits from your 3D printed product, it must be redesigned for 3D printing.

    If you simply take a design made for a subtractive or mass manufacturing process and 3D print it then you will often have a comparatively overpriced and underperforming part. If however you make optimal use of the 3D printing process once you understand it, you can optimally design parts for use with 3D printing. This will make them less expensive and give them higher performance.

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