• Beyond expectations

    CreativeDivisions is a mathematical art & design studio that operates at the crossroads of art, design and technology. We use a combination of cad and generative design software packages and digital fabrication to realize our beautiful end products. We draw inspiration from natural patterns and use our technical backround in the fabrication industry to create designs that are 100% producible. At CreativeDivisions we thrive to create innovative products and we believe that every new design should be nothing like you'd expect it to be.

  • Custom jewellery and accessory design

    Made for you

    With your idea as our guiding line, we'll provide the creativity and expertise to bring your custom made artpiece to life.

    Tell us what you have in mind - whether it's an exact design or just a few style notes to inspire our artists.
    Along the way, we'll help you weigh the options, and stay within your budget.
    We'll collaborate with you to turn your concept into beautifully drawn artwork and precise 3D renderings so you can visualize every detail.
    You'll receive updates on each step of our process as it's happening.
    The end product is carefully hand-finished and our team will check and re-check that we've met the highest quality standards!

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